Our customers that are using GenHealth tell us about the benefits of our nutritional innovation. Read some of their amazing results.

Riitta H.

In Finland I had to settle to communications with my pharmacist concentrating on my medication and mostly only on weather my prescription should be renewed for 1 or 2 years. And coinciding with this I would be referred to laboratory test. I had to personally invest time to research what supplements I might need through learning to listen my body. I started having stomach problems, I started loosing hair in bundles and I felt agony. Also my blood pressure started rising after coming back. I really missed having an educated specialists comprehensive view to help me, as I was so used to that. I got help, of course, but only to one narrow area at a time.

In Summer 2018 I got an important call to Seinäjoki in the middle of Neste Rally Finland. And there I was told of something brand new, a product based on my genes. And a little later I received a book about Me and a daily supplement made only for Me, to meet My unique daily needs. And still today, like everyday, I sit down, take my supplement and feel so grateful. I am calm now, my body feels settled, my hair has grown back and is better every day and my stomach problems are all gone. I sleep much better. My bloodpressure is being monitored daily and I have discussed the positive results with my doctor.

I feel I now have a foundation for my health, developed by experts and specialists. And the best is that week after week I learn more about my genes and get to know myself from the very important viewpoint of wellbeing, I am learning to make better choices for myself and my life. This is exactly what I need and I am very grateful for it.

THANK YOU Peter and Mariel for your Vision and perseverance!



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